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Childrens Continuing Care Offer

Brief description of what services our organisation offers:
Some children and young people (up to age 18) have very complex, on-going health needs.

These complex health needs may be the result of:

  • Congenital conditions
  • Long-term or life limiting conditions
  • Disability
  • Serious illness or injury
  • Very exceptionally there is a need for additional health support to that which is routinely available from GP practices, hospitals or in the community.
  • Where this is the case, following a health assessment to establish eligibility, a bespoke care package is arranged and this is called a continuing care package. Some of the care may be provided through existing services, some may need to be specially arranged. The health care package is designed to complement support and services offered by Social Care and Education.

What is provided- types of interventions and support:
This is determined by the specific health needs of the child or young person, their wishes and the wishes of their parents.

Examples of continuing care support:
Specialist nursing care in the child or young person’s home or school
Specialist behaviour support directed by health specialists, in the child or young person’s home or school
Residential care – only when health support cannot be delivered at home.

Who arranges the support?
The clinical commissioning (CCG) which is responsible for arranging health services locally
The family can choose to arrange their own support through a personal health budget.

Who provides the support?

  • NHS providers
  • Agency providers
  • Staff employed directly by parents or a third party acting on their behalf

Access to Continuing Care, Eligibility Criteria and Assessment Process:
A referral can be made by any health professional or carer who feels a continuing care package may be required by a child or young person registered with a Portsmouth GP. When a child or young person is referred for an assessment, the Clinical Commissioning Group might first check if they are likely to need a full assessment. A health assessor will then collect evidence of the child’s health needs and the current health care being provided drawing on the advice of health and care professionals. An important part of the assessment is to capture the preferences of the child or young person and their family. The assessment is presented to the High Support Needs Panel who decide eligibility and fund continuing care. A National Framework provides guidance and a set of categories of needs to support decisions on whether or not a child has a continuing care need. Not everyone with a disability or long term condition will be eligible. A decision about eligibility will usually be made within 6 weeks of an assessment being carried out.

Quality standards and expected outcomes for children and young people and their families accessing your services:
The aim is to:

  • Enable children and young people with complex health care needs to have an improved quality of life cared for in their own home wherever possible
  • Enable timely discharge from hospital
  • Minimise the need for repeated hospital admissions

For further information about Children’s Continuing Care in Portsmouth please contact:
Liz Clay, Childrens Continuing Care Co-ordinator, Portsmouth City Council, Civic Offices
Tel: 023 9283 4197

Please click here to view a leaflet on Children and Young People’s Continuing Care

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