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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Portsmouth Education Partnership?

The Portsmouth Education Partnership brings together all Portsmouth schools and partners to improve attainment and opportunities for all children and young people across the city. Our key priorities are to drive:

Inclusion – we create an environment that is welcoming to all children and young people, and we do not give up on any pupil.

Attainment, expectations and aspirations – we have high aspirations for all of our children and help them and their families see what they could achieve.

Teacher recruitment and retention – Portsmouth is seen as a place of choice for the very best education professionals, where continuous learning is fostered, career ambitions met, and workloads kept manageable.

For more information and to visit the PEP website click here

What is SEN Support and the Graduated Approach?

The first step for all education staff (teachers/tutors/SECOs etc) to take when supporting children and young people is to use high quality teaching that has been differentiated to individuals. The SEND Code of Practice states that settings “should regularly and carefully review the quality of teaching for all pupils, including those at risk of underachievement. This includes reviewing and, where necessary, improving, teachers’ understanding of strategies to identify and support vulnerable pupils and
their knowledge of the SEN most frequently encountered.”

Where a child or young person has been identified as having SEND and needing more targeted support, effective special education provision must be put in place. This is considered to be at SEN Support level.

SEN Support is put in place using a 4 part cycle called The Graduated Approach. It follows a cycle of Assess-Plan-D0-Review. The Graduated Approach draws on more detailed approaches, more frequent review and more specialist expertise in successive cycles in order to match interventions to the SEN of children and young people.

Click here to view NASEN’s video on the

I am struggling to meet a child's needs in my setting despite putting SEN support in place what should I do?

What is the Profile of Need used in Portsmouth City?

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