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Your SEND&AP Change Programme update – June 2024

Every month, we bring you an update from the SEND&AP Change Programme. We’re delighted to continue our journey of keeping you informed about the progress we’re making in piloting the proposals outlined in the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities & Alternative Provision (SEND&AP) Improvement Plan.

As we dive deeper into the programme, we invite you to join us in exploring the latest updates and developments. Together, we’re embarking on an exciting path toward making a tangible difference for our children, young people, and families.

What’s been happening?

Transition to post-16

We are pleased to say that we have formed a dedicated network in the South East, focused on ‘Transition to Post-16’. Our group includes representatives from local authorities, colleges and further education providers, parent carer forums and SEND specialists.

On 26th June 2024, we held our second meeting, concentrating on the transition from alternative provision to post-16 education and exploring ways to enhance this process. We agreed on several key actions, including the creation of a transition guide, integrating transition strategies into the AP quality frameworks and designating lead contacts for AP in schools.

We look forward to our next meeting in the new academic year and are eager to see the impact these initiatives will have on children, young people and their families.

DfE Deep Dive into OAP

Earlier in June, colleagues from the DfE and Impower were welcomed to Portsmouth as part of their deep dive into OAP. They visited one primary and one secondary school, where they observed inclusive mainstream provision in practice. Both schools were eager to demonstrate their dedication to support inclusion. One school described the visit as ‘a really positive morning’ and noted that the team seemed impressed with what they’d seen. The other school commented that the team was lovely and very knowledgeable, and they enjoyed discussing and showcasing their work.

In the afternoon, the visitors met with Portmsouth’s team of Outreach SENCos to explore their experiences of delivering and supporting OAP. We shared some of the challenges schools face, emphasising that much of what was previously OAP is no longer ordinarily available in an increasingly complex landscape. There were interesting conversations about the boundaries of OAP, highlighting that despite staffing challenges in schools, many aspects of OAP can still be delivered as they are not dependent on additional adults.

Feedback Loops

Throughout June, we have been actively engaging in REACh feedback loops for Ordinarily Available Provision (OAP), Parent Carer Forum feedback on the Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) template and Education Health and Care Advice Templates. By developing our own methods of gathering feedback, we aim to ensure we are providing the best support for families in our region. Additionally, we are collaborating with the Department for Education to assist in the rollout of future reforms, ensuring that our practices align with national standards and benefit our community.

If you have any specific questions about the SEND&AP Change Programme or would like to provide feedback, please email:

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