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Vision and Hearing Team

Brief description of what services your organisation offers

The team for Vision and Hearing comprises of Specialist Teacher Advisers, Communication Support Workers, Intervenors and a habilitation worker for Visually Impaired pupils. We work with sensory impaired children and students from 0 – 25 years of age, at home or other pre-school settings, in schools and colleges.

Where the team is based

City wide.

What the organisation provides – types of interventions and support

  • Providing support and teaching for pre-school children and their carers who have a diagnosed sensory impairment.
  • Specialist assessment, teaching, support and advice for individual young people with sensory impairment and their families.
  • Contributing to individualised education programmes and liaising with Health, Social Care and other professionals
  • Delivering specialist training to mainstream and special school/college staff.
  • Provision of specialist teacher support for planning provision and the placement and monitoring of pupils with a sensory impairment.
  • Keeping a resource bank of specialist equipment available for loan to schools/colleges

Who can access the service?

  • Any child/young person 0-25 who has a diagnosed hearing/visual impairment.
  • Any child/young person suspected of having a hearing loss/visual impairment and identified by nursery, school, college or parent/carer.

Quality standards and expected outcomes for children and young people and their families accessing your services

Our aim is to maximise the educational opportunities for every individual child, working in partnership with parents and carers, teachers and colleagues in other agencies. Use of the DfE Quality Standards for Outreach Services to monitor and assess service provision. Benchmarking with other LA’s e.g. SENSIP, BATOD, RNIB Annual returns to monitor educational outcomes and equity of service

How can this service be accessed?

Direct referrals from professionals, parents and carers.

How and who to make a complaint to:

In the first instance, Amanda Richards, Team Leader of the Vision and Hearing Team

Email address:

Tel: 023 9268 8612

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