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Trafalgar Inclusion Centre – Communication and Interaction

About our Inclusion Centre 

The Inclusion Centre for young people with social, communication and interaction difficulties is an integral part of Trafalgar Academy.  It caters for up to 9 students between the ages of 11 and 16 whose primary need is in the area of social communication and interaction.  This incudes children with Autism Spectrum Condition.

Details of the School’s SEN Information Report can be found by clicking here

How do we make sure we provide a quality education for SEND children?

  • National standards as monitored through Ofsted inspections which are available on the school’s  website.
  • Local Authority monitoring of pupil progress
How to get a place in the Inclusion Centre
Through the Inclusion Support Panel
Who to contact if you are unhappy with the school or to make a complaint
Initially in writing to the Headteacher of the school.  Further information on the complaints procedure can be obtained from the school.
Contact details for further information
Telephone: 023 9269 3521
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