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Redwood Park Academy

About our school
Redwood Park Academy is a designated special school which caters for children between 11 and 16 years of age who have complex learning difficulties and who may also have severe Autism.

Details of the school’s SEN Information Report can be found by clicking here.

Who is able to attend our school?
Children placed at the school will:

•    Have a Statement of Special Education Needs or an Education Health and Care Plan.  In exceptional circumstances a child may be placed at the school on an assessment basis whilst a statutory assessment is being completed. (See SEN Code of Practice Paras 8:23 – 8:28).

•    Be in the age range of 11 – 16 years, national curriculum years 7 to 11.

•    Show attainment within the national curriculum that is outside the range within most children are expected to work (i.e level 1 at the end of Key Stage 2;  level 2 at the end of Key Stage 3).

•    Show overall performance on measures of attainment and underlying cognitive skills which place the child in the lowest attaining two per cent of the population.

•    Show attainment in underlying skills (especially speech and language, literacy and numeracy) which significantly interfere with the child’s ability to learn effectively.

In addition children placed at the school may:

•    Show associated difficulties in social and emotional development such as poor concentration, immature social skills and low self-esteem.

•    Have associated physical/medical difficulties such as poor co-ordination, chronic ill health such as asthma, eczema etc or mild to moderate sensory impairment.

How do we make sure we provide a quality education for SEND children?
•    National standards as monitored through Ofsted Inspection which are available on the school’s website.
•    Local Authority monitoring of pupil progress.
How to get a place at the school
Through the Inclusion Support panel.
Who to contact if you are unhappy with the school or to make a complaint
Initially in writing to the Headteacher of the school.  Further information on the complaints procedure can be obtained from the school.
Who to contact for further information
Redwood Park Academy,
Wembley Grove,
PO6 2RY.
Tel:  023 9237 7500
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