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Portsmouth Parent Board

Being a parent and carer is one of the most rewarding experiences but it can also be extremely difficult and lonely at times. The Portsmouth Parent  Board are a passionate group of parents who understand these challenges and aim to help all families within Portsmouth by acting as a bridge between children and young people’s services and the local community.

The board act as representatives for issues that families in the local community may come up against; by collecting information from the local community through surveys, use of social media and local interaction. This information is then taken to the various meetings, forums, events and consultations linked to the Children’s Trust Board; helping to achieve the aim of making positive changes around children and young people’s services.

There is also a monthly Parent  Board meeting where the board members get together to share any information they have picked up over the last month and plan how best to distribute any key messages to the community.

Some of the areas that we cover are:

  • Education
  • Mental health
  • Special educational needs
  • Looked after children

For further information visit the website at: or Tel: 023 9273 4400 or Email:

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