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Portsdown Primary School Inclusion Centre – Communication and Interaction

About our school
Portsdown Primary School is a fully inclusive school that caters for children aged 2 to 11, with a 9 place Communication and Interaction inclusion Centre.  The Inclusion Centre caters for pupils who are presenting with special education needs in one or more areas and who require a further period of assessment.

Details of the school’s SEN Information Report can be found on their website here

Who is able to attend our school?
The Inclusion Centre caters for children in Years R, 1 and 2 offering assessment and individually tailored educational programmes.  The provision caters for pupils with:

•    Learning difficulties

•    Developmental delay in one or more area

•    Delay in language development and/or co-ordination difficulties, perceptual motor skills etc

•    Associated behaviour and adjustment difficulties such as poor concentration span, poor social skills.  These behaviour difficulties may have an impact on learning or result from lack of success in learning.

Children placed at the provision will:

•    Have significant learning needs in one or more of the areas identified as above

•    Be in national curriculum years R, 1 or 2

How do we make sure we provide a quality education for SEND children?
•    National standards as monitored through Ofsted Inspections which are available on the school’s website.
•    Local Authority monitoring of pupil progress.
How to get a place at the Inclusion Centre
Through the Inclusion Support panel.
Who to contact if you are happy with the school or to make a complaint
Initially in writing to the Headteacher of the school.  Further details of the complaints procedure can be obtained from the school.
Who to contact for further information
Portsdown Primary and Early Years,
Sundridge Close,
PO6 3JL.
Tel:  023 9237 8991
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