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Learn and Thrive

Learn and Thrive is a UK registered, online charity which produces educational resources for children and young people with Down’s syndrome and other special educational needs. Created during lockdown, it was made to give access to specialist teaching which was being missed while children and young people were unable to attend school and support groups.

It provides specialist teaching online, which is used across educational settings and local charities, by teachers, teaching assistants, and SENCOs, and in the home, by parents and guardians.

The two projects provided by Learn and Thrive are Teach Me Too ( for early years and KS1) and Learning for Life, (for primary and secondary age children) The resources are FREE digital tools which help children and young people with Down’s syndrome and SEN to learn and thrive. The wide range of resources have been made in conjunction with Inclusively Down, Symbol UK, and Key Communication, while using Widgit symbols and Makaton signing to aid communication.

The charity is funded by grants and donations, including support from The National Lottery Fund, and primary corporate sponsor Quality Compliance System.

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