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Inter Activ

About our Service

Enable Ability and Game Over have created a Social Enterprise called Inter Activ that will offer work experience-based Personal Employability Programs (PEPs) to our participants with disabilities, based mainly at Landport Community Centre – leading to improved skills, personal development and significantly increased potential for permanent employment.

Inter Activ can offer four Personal Employability Programs:

Cafe Skills

Gaming Centre Skills

Computer Repair Shop

The Weald & Downland Living Museum

What we do

Inter Activ will offer each participant a supported, personal journey into gainful or meaningful employment. The first 12 months will focus on developing true employability skills through regular work experience through one or more of our four Personal Employability Programs. The work experience will be consolidated with work-centred education i.e. Functional Skills in Maths & English, Food Health & Hygiene, Workplace Health & Hygiene and First Aid, facilitated by Portsmouth College and based at Landport Community Centre.

Into Work Support

Once the participant has completed their 12 months or is ready for the next stage of their journey, Inter Activ will help each participant to search for and attain either gainful or meaningful employment, as well as offering up to 12 weeks of Into-Work Support, including travel assistance where required.

How to become part of Inter Activ

Inter Activ has been designed to support – primarily – young people and adults with a hidden or mild/moderate learning or physical disability or an additional need, that are not eligible for financial support from the local authority and neither are in receipt of an Education, Health & Care Plan. Inter Activ is FREE for all eligible participants.

Click here for our Inter Activ leaflet

Contact us at:

Telephone number: 02393 671846


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