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Independent Travel Training

What is independent travel training?

Travel training supports children, young people and adults to get more out of life through learning the skills and building confidence to use public transport safely.

Why learn travel skills?

Travel training helps to develop a range of practical and social skills in a hands-on setting.  The ability to travel independently will improve opportunities for education, recreation, employment, leisure and social activities.

What will you learn? 

By taking part in independent travel training activities you may learn a range of skills, for example:

• routes and landmarks
• personal safety
• road and pavement skills
• how to use a bus
• how to use the train
• how to use a taxi
• how to buy tickets
• to recognise and avoid dangerous situations
• what to do in an emergency

Who will teach these skills?

Independent Travel Training is provided as part of the following college courses:

Havant and South Downs College
• Vocational Studies Foundation (RARPA)
• Supported Internships

Highbury College
• All entry level LDD programmes include weekly travel training.

Portsmouth College
• All SEND courses have units covering travel training

Or if you have a visual impairment, you can access support and training through the Sensory Impairment Team at Portsmouth City Council.

Who do I contact?

If you are on any of the above courses and would like further information, please contact the college.

If you have a visual impairment please contact the Sensory Impairment Team.  Click here to access the leaflet containing further information and contact details.

For anyone over 18 not able to access any of the above, The Community Connectors could help. Community Connectors provide short term support, usually about 6-8 weeks, to help individuals take the first steps to getting out and about in their community.

They have just two eligibility criteria: the individual needs to be over 18 years old and be able to get out of their homes independently.

Please click here to acces further information on their web page.

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