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Global Music Visions – offers blind, visually impaired and disabled people a chance to create their own music projects

Brief description of what services your organisation offers

Global Music Visions offers blind, visually impaired and disabled people of all ages, a chance to create their own music projects, using computer music software and assistive technology. This can include composing a piece of music, creating jingles, singing or playing to a backing track, voice over work, or recording thoughts to music.

Where the service is provided

We are based in and around the Portsmouth area, but we can travel to you and work in your environment, providing it is safe to do so.

What the organisation provides – types of interventions and support

We provide music-based workshops that are geared towards the individual or small groups, with set goals or objectives to achieve within a session. We aim to create inclusion for all regardless of ability. We also offer a consultancy service around accessibility issues relating to buildings, events, activities, etc for disabled people.

Who can access the workshops?

There are no specific criteria to be met as we welcome people with any and all abilities.

What do you expect children, young people and their families to gain from using your service?

We hope that all who are involved in a session enjoy themselves, have fun, feel included, grow in confidence, improve their communication skills, and come back for more. From a consultancy view, all buildings and activities will be accessible to everyone.

How can this service be accessed?

You can access our services by contacting us directly, to find out how we can help you or by visiting our website at the link below.

Who to contact if you are unhappy or would like to make a complaint

If you have any concerns or complaints, please contact David Shervill on the contact details below.

Contact Details

David Shervill
Tel: 07742 311486
Email address:

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