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Early Years Panel

Purpose of the Early Years Panel (EYP)

The EYP monitors children with significant special educational needs and/ or a disability (0-4 years) to ensure that needs are identified and supported at an early years setting and on transition to school.  The Panel is a group of key people from Portsmouth City Council’s Education Department and Solent NHS Health Care Trust. It meets monthly (during school terms) to make sure that we are aware of children with significant special needs and that there are plans and provision in place to support the children. Notifications to EYP are for children who are likely to require SENDIF+ in a mainstream setting. There may also be a limited number of places available at the specialist provision, Mary Rose Academy, for children with the most complex and profound needs.

It is expected that the professional involved will make the notification to EYP and will also make all referrals to the appropriate services. For children under the age of 5 this may be the health visitor, a specialist health visitor or the setting. EYP may make a recommendation back to the lead professional about any further action or referral considered appropriate. It is expected that children who do not reach the criteria for notification to EYP will still be referred to a range of services by the Lead Professional and supported appropriately in early years settings.  (Note: criteria for EYP relates to the Profile of Need on the notification form or the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) for Health).



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