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Dynamite Young Inspectors

What do Young Inspectors do?

It is the Young Inspectors’ job to visit services that the young people want to inspect.

Afterwards, Young Inspectors write a report saying what the service is doing well and any ways it could be doing Young Inspectors visit services in groups of 3, also in a group setting and then draft the report together and hand over a Dynamite approved logo sticker to display in the window.


Why do Young Inspectors do this?

We believe it is important that services for young people listen to those who use them. This is because young people who use services may see ways in which the service could be improved which would otherwise be missed. Young Inspectors reports can help services to improve. Young Inspectors reports also show which services are doing well and which could be doing better.


Who can be a Young Inspector?

To be a Young Inspector you must:

  1. Be aged 16 to 25
  2. Use services in Portsmouth
  3. Have a special educational need or disability
  4. Be passionate about young people’s views being heard.

If you are all of these things, then we can support you to be an inspector. If you think that you might like to be a Young Inspector, then get in touch using the contact details below. 


How do Young Inspectors make a difference?

Young Inspector reports are sent to the services and often they make changes based on our recommendations. The reports are also shared at a meeting called ‘The SEND Board’. At this meeting there are lots of people whose job it is to make decisions about how services for young people are run.

Finally, we put the reports on the Portsmouth Local Offer website so that other young people can read them also on our Dynamite page on Trust website and on social media.


What do young people gain from being a Young Inspector?

Our inspectors have said that being a Young Inspector has helped them to:

– Be more confident.

– Feel part of their local community.

– Feel that they are making a difference.

– Be more employable.

– Have fun.

Read the latest Young Inspectors Report

How do I contact Young Inspectors? Call or email Michelle on

Tel 02392 822026 or find us on Facebook  DYNAMITE (SEND co-production group)

We are based at:

MAKE in Fratton Aldingbourne Enterprises 

1 Cornwall Road



02392 822026

Come along to one of our social meetings, make new friends and make a difference!




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