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Dynamite, the voice of young people in Portsmouth with a disability or special educational need


What do we do?

Dynamite’s job is to make sure that young people with a disability or special educational need have a say in how services for young people are run.

There are lots of ways that we do this including:

  • Social evenings, where we talk about a different topic each time
  • Young Inspectors, where young people visit services, young people want to inspect and say what is good about a service, and how that service could be better.
  • Surveys, we use surveys to find out what young people in Portsmouth think
  • Meetings, we attend meetings with decision makers so that they can hear young people’s voices. We also have a monthly to discuss issues and plan the work which Dynamite does.


Is it suitable for anyone?

Anyone can join Dynamite if they are:

  • Aged 14 to 25
  • Have a disability or special educational need
  • Use services like schools, colleges, or doctors in Portsmouth


How do I get involved?

You can email, phone us or Facebook us and we will let you know about our next event, or we can arrange for you to come in and meet us. Our email and our phone number TEL: 02392 822026.

Where is it?

Make at Aldingbourne Enterprises
1 Cornwall Road

Is there a cost to join?

Dynamite is always free.

What should we expect from the staff?

Staff are friendly, welcoming, and can help support young people.

Let us know if there is something which we can do to make it easier for you to attend our events. We cannot help with personal care, but young people are always welcome to bring a parent, carer or assistant who might help them.

I have something to say

If there is something which you think Dynamite should be talking about, then email us and we can raise the issue in our core group.

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