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Advocacy – a service for young people and adults with a diagnosed disability

Brief description of what your service/organisation offers

Clients with disabilities have to deal with many problems in their day to day living; whilst some may appear trivial and are easy to resolve, for many of our clients a minor problem can quickly escalate into something much more serious that can impact enormously on these vulnerable individuals. With our continuing support we can help our clients to make informed choices of their own. Enable Ability also offers additional help for disabled children going through the transitional stages of their education and eventually into adulthood.

Where the service is provided

The Advocacy Service provides for clients within the South East Hampshire area. Transition Advocacy generally takes place within the school environment.

What the organisation provides – types of intervention and support

Our issue based Advocacy Service is free, confidential and provided by independent trained advocates to ensure a voice for disabled people together with the necessary support. Individuals can be helped in making informed choices, dealing with family or work related problems, accessing legal services and attending benefit appeals and tribunals.

Who can access the service?

Young people and adults with a diagnosed disability living within Portsmouth and the South East Hampshire region.

Expected outcomes for children and young people and their families accessing your service

Our service is totally independent and is designed to underline the wishes of our clients and not those who may want to influence them.

How can this service be accessed?

By contacting the Advocacy Manager.

Who to contact if you are unhappy with the service or to make a complaint

In the first instance the Advocacy Co-Ordinator – details below, then the Enable Ability Manager, Richard Soutar.

Contact Details:

Robin Pryde-Jarman , Advocacy Manager

Tel: 023 9267 0012 / 023 9267 1846



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