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Adult Social Care

Brief description of what services your organisation offers

An Assessment and Social Work service for adults with disabilities/sensory impairment and eligible needs (Age 18 +). A holistic assessment conducted with the adult determines the support they need in managing their health & wellbeing. The assessment will explore the resources the person has in their network and offer advice on other accessible resources to meet those needs. The assessment will also explore needs that meet the Care Act (2014) Eligibility Domains,

The eligible needs may fall into aids, equipment and adaptations for independent living or a need for social care input. In the case of a need for social care input, a social worker/care manager then completes a “needs profile assessment” via the AIS client record system which produces an indicative budget available to meet those needs eligible for adult social care intervention. The adult is then offered a direct payment in order to manage their own support with the finance available from the Local Authority. If a direct payment is not appropriate, a support package managed by the Local Authority can be arranged. Where the need is for aids to independent living, an Occupational Therapist or Independence Support Assistant may make an assessment for equipment issue or adaptations to their home to support the person.

Where the service is provided

City Wide

What the organisation provides – types of interventions and support

A direct payment enables the individual to purchase their own support via the employment of a personal assistant, offering flexibility in how the person manages their support/care. There is also the option for the individual to purchase support through an established care agency. If Local Authority arranged intervention is required, this will be commissioned from a provider of support/care that the Local Authority contracts with according to standardised terms and conditions of purchase.

Who can access the service? 

Please click here to see a copy of Your Assessment.  This document explains the assessment process and eligibility.

What do you expect children, young people and their families to gain from using your service?

Where a child with a disability has been accessing assessment/support/services via the Local Authority through Children’s services, a period of transition will be planned from the age of approx 14 years. During this period, children and their parents/legal guardians will be involved in creating a support/care plan for the child becoming an adult, based on their own resource network and eligible needs.

Further information on Portsmouth Adult Social Care can be found at:

The Adult Social Care Your Assessment leaflet can be found here

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Contact Andy Biddle at  the number or email below.

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