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The Harbour School

About our school
The Harbour School makes provision for pupils aged 9 to 16 who have a wide range of social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs and provides a behaviour support service for all ages to mainstream schools.

We deliver a range of services:

  • Special School and Alternative Provision for learners in Yr5 to Yr9 with SEMH Needs which cannot be met in mainstream school (The Harbour School @ Tipner).
  • Special School and Alternative Provision for learners in KS4 with SEMH Needs which cannot be met in mainstream school (The Harbour @ Vanguard).
  • Special and Alternative Provision for learners in KS3 and 4 with Medical Needs which cannot be met in mainstream school, Medical Tuition for learners who are too ill to attend school and Hospital Education (The Harbour School @Cosham).
  • Twelve week Alternative Provision for learners in KS3 and KS4 with SEMH needs who need intensive support in order to return successfully back to their mainstream provision (The Harbour School @ Tipner Short Stay)
  • Special School Provision for learners with complex SEMH Needs as an alternative to out of city placement (The Harbour School @ Stamshaw and The Bridge).
  • Alternative Provision for learners in KS2, KS3 and KS4 with medical needs and high levels of anxiety, meaning they are unable to leave the family home (The Harbour School @ Reintergration and Tuition Service).
  • Alternative provision for learners in Year R to Year 11 who are inpatients at Queen Alexandra Children’s Ward (The Harbour School @ QA Hospital)


The schools SEN Information Report can be found on the school’s website.


Who is able to attend our school?

The Harbour School provides specialist longer term support for pupils whose SEMH needs cannot currently be met in a mainstream school.  Placement is determined in consultation with parents/carers, The Harbour School, the pupil’s current educational setting and Portsmouth Local Authority.  Current medical and psychological assessments will be used as supporting evidence. If a pupil requires further support an Education Health and Care Plan may be requested. Pupils may be dual registered and/or dual attended with another mainstream or special school or single registered.


How do we make sure we provide a quality education for SEND children?
  • Internal and trust level monitoring of the quality of education we provide
  • Local Authority monitoring of pupil progress
  • National standards as monitored through Ofsted Inspections which are available on the school’s website


How to get a place at the school
Referral through discussions with current education placement. The education placement and the Local Authority with then discuss the case through the ‘Fair Access Panel’ or the ‘Inclusion Support Panel’.

Who to contact if you are unhappy with the school or to make a complaint
Initially in writing to the Headteacher of the school.  Further information on the complaints procedure can be obtained from the school.


Contact Details:
The Harbour School,
Tipner Lane,
PO2 8RA.
Tel :  023 9266 5664


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