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PCC Travel Assistance Policies Consultation

Consultation on Portsmouth Travel Assistance Policies

Portsmouth City Council is seeking parents’ and stakeholders’ views on new draft travel assistance policies for all eligible children of statutory school age and for post-16 learners with special educational needs and disabilities that will come into effect from September 2020.
No changes are proposed to the criteria for determining which children and young people are eligible for travel assistance. Travel assistance will continue to be provided free of charge for children meeting the Statutory Criteria and the Exceptional Circumstances Criteria.
The Council is proposing to keep the amounts payable by parents/carers of children in receipt of post-16 travel assistance, and the costs of a Privilege Place, the same as in 2019/20.

The updates to this policy are designed to make the guidance clearer and easier for parents and careers to understand. The new guidance separates out the previously combined “Home to school transport assistance policy and Portsmouth City Council’s transport statement for post 16 learners with special educational needs and disabilities”, into two separate documents, one which applies to all eligible children of statutory school age and one for eligible post 16 learners. This change is intended to make it easier for parents/carers to find information that is relevant to their situation.

The revised guidance also gives more information about the range of ways in which travel assistance may be provided. There is a greater emphasis on travel arrangements that support independent travel for children and young people for whom this is a viable option, and more information about the use of personal budgets to allow parents to make their own arrangements to fit in with the needs of their families.

Travel Assistance (5-16) CONSULTATION                                     Travel Assistance Post-16 CONSULTATION

The consultation is open from Monday 2 March and will close at midnight on Wednesday 22 April 2020.

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