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Preparing for Adulthood – Support at home

Most young people by the time they reach 16 are able to complete daily living tasks with  little support from an adult or their parents. They are able to be independent around the home and make choices and decisions about their lives, as well as keep themselves safe.

We know that for some young people with certain needs and disabilities, this is not always possible. We want all young people to be able to live as independently as they can and have choice over the lives they lead.

Here you will find information on the support on offer in Portsmouth City to help Young People with SEND live more independently and as happy and fulfilled lives as possible.

Please don’t forget to use our feedback section to tell us your views on the services available in Portsmouth, or if there is anything you cannot find.

To search for all related services in Portsmouth City go to our Information Hub. 

Help at home

Support, Services and Advice available to help young people within their homes.

Preparing for Adulthood- Help at home –

Help getting out and about

Information and support to help young people go out and about and be part of their communities.

Preparing for Adulthood- Help getting out and about

Social Care

Details on the different social care support available to young people in Portsmouth.

Preparing for Adulthood- Social Care

Day Services

Information and services for people 18+with learning disabilities, to access daytime support, care and social activities.

Preparing for Adulthood- Day Services

Care Laws & Rights

Different laws and rights that support young people and adults who have additional needs and disabilities.

Preparing for Adulthood- Laws and Rights relating to Care

Frequently asked questions

My child is due to leave school and they have significant care needs - what do I do next?

As part of the EHCP annual reviews you and your child should have had the opportunity to think about what the future will look like. You should think about what your young person is good at and what their strengths are as well as what support they might need.

Use these reviews to ask any questions you have. You can also talk to other professionals that are already supporting you.

If you want help from Adult Social Care and you haven’t been given someone to contact, please call the Adult Social Care Helpdesk on 023 9268 0810.


What is a Social Care Assessment?

You may also hear this called a Care Act Assessment, or in the past a Community Care Assessment.

You will be asked about your abilities and strengths, what it is you want to achieve and what help you might need to do this.

The social care assessment will cover nutrition, personal hygiene and getting dressed, your home, keeping in touch with family and friends, going out, training and work.

Another assessment you may hear about is a Carer’s assessment. If you have family or friends that help you they can be offered a carer’s assessment. A carer’s assessment focuses on:

  • The care and support that they provide and how this can impact on their life
  • Their goals and what support is available to help them achieve these
  • What support is available in the local community and how to access this support

My young person cannot go out and about without someone being with them, who can help?

Some young people may be able to get help when out and about from Adult Social Care. This is decided on an individual basis ( through a social care assessment) and will depend on the reasons they aren’t able to go out alone and the amount of support they need. Young people will be supported to develop their skills and maximise their independence. Some young people may use a personal assistant or carer to help them go out in the community. If you are not able to get a social care personal budget or funding you may choose to self-fund a PA/carer ( pay for this directly out of your own money).

Click the link below to find more information on Adult Social Care Assessments

Adult social care assessment – Portsmouth City Council 


What are direct payments and who is eligible for one?

Social Care direct payments are payments given to you by the council to pay for your social care support directly, giving you choice and control over who and how your needs are met.

In order to be eligible for direct payments for social care you need to meet the eligibility criteria set out in The Care Act 2014.

A direct payment may also be provided for health services in a personal health budget. Further information about Personal Health Budgets is available at this website: What is a personal health budget? – NHS (

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