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Preparing for Adulthood

As children move into their teenage years it is important that we start thinking about and planning for their Adult lives. This is known as Preparing for Adulthood.

In Portsmouth City we start to think about what a child might need to support them as an adult, early on. If your child has an EHCP you might find that you start to talk about adulthood from the year 6 Annual Review.

In Portsmouth City we want every young person with SEND to have equal life chances as they move into Adulthood.

This section of the Local Offer provides information and services to help prepare a young person for Adulthood and know where you can find support to plan for this.

It is important that people are able to use the Local Offer website to plan ahead and to support young people with SEND to have more choice and control over their lives.

We have worked with Young people in Portsmouth to develop this section. Simply choose one of the links below to get started.


Learning and Education

Information on post-14 education and training including Colleges, Apprenticeships, Supported Internships and going to university.

Education and Training

Support at Home ( Early Help and Social Care)

Discover the support available in Portsmouth City to help young people have choice, independence and control over their lives. This includes Help in the home, Adult Social Care and community support.

Support at home ( social care and early help)

Finding a job and Training

This section covers key areas such as preparing for work, careers advice, finding a job, volunteering and types of employment support available for young people with SEND in Portsmouth City.

Finding a job and further training

Housing and Independent Living

Find out about the different types of housing and support with living available in Portsmouth City. This includes finding a house, supported living and general information on being independent at home.

Housing and Independent Living

Being Healthy

Information and support to stay physically and mentally healthy. Including Annual Health Checks, well-being support, adaptations at home, nutrition and healthy foods and support to access health services such as the GP, Dentist and visiting the hospital.

Being Healthy

Travel and Transport

Information and advice on travelling in Portsmouth City, including Bus Passes, Travel Training, Post-16 transport and Blue Badges.

Travel and Transport

Leisure, Activities and Community

Leisure and Community activities for those who are 14 years and above. Information on young people's forums, sporting activities, social groups, hobbies and events.

Leisure, Activities and Community

Money and Financial Support

This section of the Local Offer website contains lots of information and guidance on understanding money, budgeting, welfare, benefits and the different types of support available in Portsmouth City.

Money and finance support

Making Decisions and Involving Young People

Support for young people to be involved and make decisions, advocacy, how to make a complaint, rights for young people and information on services young people can access for independent advice and guidance.

Making Decisions and Involving Young People

Preparing for Adulthood - Frequently asked questions

What does Preparing for Adulthood (PfA) mean?

Why does it start at year 9 ( age 14)?

What is a Supported Internship and how do we find one?

How can we use the Local Offer website to plan for Adulthood?

What support is there for a young person with SEND who is going to university?

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