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Post-16 Transition – Moving schools, settings or into Adulthood

Transition is a word that is used a lot in SEND. It simply means moving from one setting, stage or phase of education to another.

Examples of transitions for young people are: Moving from  secondary school to post-16 education and from post-16 education to adulthood.

Transition can also be used in a more general sense to talk about daily changes such as the transition from home to college each morning or moving classrooms between lessons. Any change or move is considered a transition of some kind.

For many children and young people with SEND, changes and moving places can be a challenge so it is important that  careful planning is put in place as early as possible. There are lots of strategies, techniques and support that can be given to help children and young people with SEND manage change and adjust to their new environments.

This section of the Local Offer website has been designed to help you understand and plan for post-16 transitions using local services. We have also included national links and helpful guidance.

Transition - Moving to a new post-16 education setting

Starting college

Moving from education to an internship, apprenticeship or employment

Post-16 education and Education, Health and Care Plans

Education Funding and Bursaries for 16-19 year olds

For young people with SEND there may be additional financial help available. These include the following:

16-19 Bursary –

EHCP Personal Budgets –

List of Post-16 Education Settings in Portsmouth City and surrounding areas

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