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Learning and Education

Everyone up to the age of 18 has to do some kind of learning or education. You may want to stay at school or you might go to college. Some people can even stay on at school or college until they are 25

After that, some people may even want to go to university.

The booklet here gives you lots of information about the different places you can learn in Portsmouth and some of the courses you could do. It tells you about the application process and about routes into work.

What next? Education and Employment Opportunities Post-16

Some young people with special educational needs might need extra support and need an Education Health and Care Plan. There is information on this here too.

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What is an Education Health and Care Plan?

An Education Health and Care Plan is also sometimes called an EHCP.


EHCP’s are for Children and young people aged 25 and under that need extra support, that cannot be met by support available in mainstream school or college.

An Education Health and Care Plan is a legal document that makes sure children and young people get all the help they need whilst they are in education ( but not when the go to university).

In Portsmouth there is a special team which looks after EHCP’s and does the EHCP assessments. They are called the SEN Team. You can contact them by:

Telephone : 02392841238

Here is an easy read guide to EHCP’s created by Kids


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