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Getting a Job

Getting your first job can be an exciting time. You might also feel nervous but try not to worry, there are lots of people who can help you on your way.

Click one of the boxes below to find out more about who can help you find a job and the support for when you are in work.

Help to get a job in Portsmouth

Help at college or school

If you are in college or school you can speak to your tutor and ask for some careers help. In Portsmouth City there is a special team called the Careers and Progression team, who some schools and colleges work with.

 Speak to your college or school about careers advice.


The Job Centre

The Job Centre

If you visit a local job centre in Portsmouth, they will have someone who can tell you about the different employers in the city.

There are people who have been trained to work with Young people who have special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

They can tell you about disability friendly employers in the city.

You can also ask to see a special Work Assessor who can do a work assessment and help you to decide what you are good at and the type of work you might like to do.

Access to a Work Coach.

If you go to a job centre plus you can ask for a work coach to help you.

You have to have a health condition or disability that affects your ability to work. Work coaches are trained to help you get more skills and to help you find a job. They can help you with confidence and preparing for interviews too!

Job Centre Online Job Search

You can look online for a job too. Click on the link below to visit the find a job website on the link below.

Find a job – GOV.UK (

Job Centre Plus in Portsmouth

You can find a job centre plus  in Portsmouth at the following address:

Portsmouth Jobcentre Plus
Old Canal House
27 Arundel Street
United Kingdom

Telephone: 0845 604 3719



Solent Mind - Portsmouth Employment Service

Portsmouth Employment Service – Solent Mind

 If you’ve not been working because of your illness, or you’re employed but feel like you are struggling at work, Solent Mind’s Portsmouth Employment Support Service can help.


The service is open to people accessing Talking Change psychological therapies and the Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) in Portsmouth. If you would like our help, you can request this via your Therapist or Lead Professional.

If you are not accessing these services, Solent Mind offer a weekly drop-in for those with quick questions or in need of bitesize employment advice.

To find out more about Solent Mind Click here.

Access to Work Programme

Access to Work Programme

Access to Work is help you can get from the government to do your job. The government is in charge of running the country. You can get this help if you are disabled or need support with your health condition.
Access to Work can also give advice to your employer – your employer means the person or people you are working for.

Click here for the Easy Read Guide for the Access to Work Programme. 



Intensive Personalised Employment Support

Intensive Personalised Employment Support

Intensive Personalised Employment Support is one-to-one support and training to help you into work if you have a disability.

To apply you must:

What you’ll get

You’ll get a dedicated support worker to help you:

  • identify what work you’re able to do

  • match your skills to work that’s available

  • get training to help you find work

  • build a personal support network

  • manage work around your specific disability

  • support you during your first 6 months of work

You’ll usually get Intensive Personalised Employment Support for 15 months. You can get an additional 6 months of on-the-job support if you find employment.

How to apply

Ask your work coach if you’re eligible.

If you don’t have a work coach, go to your local Jobcentre Plus and ask to speak to a work coach about Intensive Personalised Employment Support.

Work and Your Rights

Work and your rights if you have a disability

Everyone has the right to feel safe and be treated equally in work.

When you go for a job interview, the person interviewing cannot ask you about your disability before offering you the job,  unless it is for a few specific reasons – such as making an adjustment for the interview or job.

Click here for an easy read guide on being treated fairly in work.




If you are not treated fairly in work you can contact the Equality Advisory Support Service .

SCOPE have some helpful information on their website for you to look at. Discrimination at work | Disability charity Scope UK

You may also be able to take a complaint to an employment tribunal – you have to do this within 3 months of the discrimination happening.

Easy read guide to finding a job

Finding a job can seem hard but there are people and services who can help you with this.

Mencap have produced an easy read guide to help you find a job.

Click on the picture below to read the guide.


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