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Preparing for Adulthood – Housing and Independent Living

All of us might be a bit fearful of being more independent but we all want to be! Sometimes our families and those who care about us are more worried than we are but deep down they want us to be as independent as possible. But it can be difficult to talk about or think about.

When we plan for the future we need to think about where we want to live and what kind of support we might need. We also need to work on the skills that will help us be more independent. The better our skills the more confidence we get and the more we can do.

For example being able to travel independently is great if you need to travel to work or to meet friends. So once you have gone through the options you may find it helpful to list the skills and abilities that you already have and think about what you need to work on as part of your plan to move towards independence.

An older teenager and man sat leaning on a green sofa chatting.

Photo of girl in wheelchair smiling and unpacking boxes with friends around helping.

The aim of this section of the Local Offer is to help you think about what ‘Independent Living’ might mean for you. It doesn’t have to mean living on your own and it doesn’t have to mean not having support.

So first of all here are a few questions:

  • Have you/as a family talked about what will happen when you feel the time is right to leave home?
  • Have you a Plan? Are you confused? Is it something that feels too problematic to think about?
  • How much do you feel you know about the range of housing and support options that might be available if and when you leave home?
  • What are your main concerns about leaving home?
  • What support do you think you might need to live independently? Do you know what support is available?

It would be good in you could think about these questions with someone who cares about you and can help you plan.

Housing - Some of your options

Find out about the different types of living arrangements available to you in Portsmouth.

Housing – Some of your options

Support to live at home

Find out about the support available to help young people live independently in their own homes.

Support at Home

Money and Financial Support

This section of the Local Offer website contains lots of information and guidance on understanding money, budgeting, welfare, benefits and the different types of support available in Portsmouth City.

Money and Finance Support

Housing Support FAQs

Where can I find information on laws and rights relating to care?

Here is a link to the Government website that tells you about the law and making your own decisions.

Changes to the law and guidance about making your own decisions (easy read) – GOV.UK (

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