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Help to get out and about and access the community

A photo of a group of friends laughing, one in a wheelchair and one standing.

As children become young adults they often want to be more independent and access their local areas without their parents or help from family members.

Many young people with SEND need extra help to do this and keep them safe.  In Portsmouth we have services and support that can help young people become more independent when outside of the home.


A young man shooting a basketball in a wheelchair.Leisure activities

Taking part in leisure activities is really important for social development and keeping fit and healthy. The link below takes you to clubs and and activities suitable for young people with SEND in the Local area.

Activities, clubs and societies available in the Portsmouth area

You can also visit the Hive Directory which lists a wide range of groups and services in Portsmouth.


Day Services

A man in a cap leaning on a coffee machine with a younger man in glasses , a cap and apron.

Day services are great way to give young people with SEND independence, develop social skills, learn how to take care of themselves and often take part in some physical activity. Day services can be offered in a variety of ways. This could include employing a personal assistant or using day centres.

Visit the Day Services page for more information.

Help to travel on public transport

Young people sitting at the back of a bus talking.Being able to travel out and about is a big part of becoming an adult. A young person may be able to do this on their own, or they may need to have someone with them. In Portsmouth we have services and support to help young people travel around the city safely.

Please visit our Travel Page for more information.

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