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Preparing for Adulthood – Education and Training

Getting  prepared for Adulthood should start from the earliest opportunity. This includes planning for any future education, training or employment.

In Portsmouth, if a young person has an education, health and care plan you may find this is discussed as early as year 6.

In Portsmouth City we offer a wide range of options for young people to think about when planning and moving ahead into their post-16 journeys.

This page has been designed to help you understand what is available and to help support planning your young person’s future .

To search for all related services in Portsmouth City go to our Information Hub. 

Transition - Moving to college or further education

Information and Guidance to help support young people as they move to a new school or college or make the first steps into adulthood.

Post-16 Transition

Going to university and Higher Education

Information on support for young people with SEND who are moving into Higher education and studying degree level courses.

Finding a job and support for employment

Information and guidance on supporting young people with SEND to get into employment. This includes finding a job and volunteering opportunities.

Portsmouth College Supported Internships

The speech and language therapy team supports children with speech, language and communication needs and those with feeding and swallowing difficulties. Speaking and eating uses the same muscles and speech and language therapists are specially trained to help with specific difficulties with feeding and swallowing.

Portsmouth College Supported Internships

Lily and Lime

Lily and Lime LD is an award-winning social enterprise which enables and supports young adults with a learning disability into sustainable pathways of employment, through training and practical learning in the workplace.

Creative Advances

We work with services users with a Mild Learning Disability up to Profound and multiple Learning Disabilities. The offer work based activites such as gardening groups, Voluntary work placements and social enterprise.

Frequently asked questions

What are the different options available to my son or daughter once they leave school or college?

Staying on in Education

  • Going to a post-16 setting such as a college or 6th form
  • Starting an Apprenticeship
  • Starting a supported internship

Getting a job

Doing some volunteering

Other options and financial support if you cannot continue in education or find work


How do education settings support young people to get ready for and/or move into employment?

What is careers advice and how can my son/daughter access it?

What is a job coach and where can my son/daughter find one?

How do local employers in Portsmouth support young people with SEND?

My son/daughter is interested in setting up a business, what support is there to help them do this?

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