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Benefits and Support

Once you turn 16 you may be able to claim benefits in your own right. Below are some useful links to find out more about them and what support is available to help.

Image of a girl doing finances at a coffee table with money in her hand.

Benefits and Support

Benefits and Support

Money Advice Service

From Child to Adult – a guide to disability, transition and family finances for young people, parents and carers

DWP Benefit Checker – provides a quick idea of what you may be able to claim

Benefit Calculator – gives a more detailed picture of what you may be entitled to

Understanding Universal Credit – making a new claim – another way to access the benefit checker

Carers Together – benefits help and advice for carers

Advice Portsmouth – provides free, independent, impartial and confidential benefits advice to people living in Portsmouth

Appointees - help to manage your benefits

If you feel unable to manage your benefits someone can become an appointee on your behalf. The appointee can apply to deal with your benefits for you if you are struggling with it. They can be a friend or relative, or an organisation like a solicitors.

Find out more about becoming an Appointee.

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