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Independent Travel Training


Civic Offices, Portsmouth

Contact the organiser : 07857328390

Enable Ability has been selected by Portsmouth City Council to help provide young people with an understanding on how to travel independently to increase confidence when travelling alone.

On Wednesday 26th July, you will form part of the newly formed ‘Enable Ability Youth Forum’ in the Guildhall Chambers and get to meet some senior staff within the Council who make all the decisions. It’s your chance to have your say! Then, after having a provided packed, we will kickstart our independent travel training course with a fun and engaging introduction. This is a free day and a guaranteed free bus pass for those who are currently receiving school transport and for those who attend all four days of our travel training.

Other dates are Thursday 27th July, Thursday 3rd August and Thursday 10th August. Each of these days include a free day of activities. The group will use public transport to travel to a nearby training kitchen to use the freshest ingredients to create a dish ready to eat in time for the group’s lunchtime. We will then get public transport back on our own chartered bus used exclusively for our group to enable us to practise for any real-life situation that may occur whilst using public transport. This training is wheelchair accessible. Breakfast and lunch included on all four days, please bring a drink.

For further details and to register your interest, please email James from Enable Ability at or call 07857 328390.


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