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Returning to College in a Pandemic – Ruby’s Blog

by Ruby Jewell

September 23rd 2020 

Returning or Starting College 

In September 2019 I started Portsmouth College on 2 mainstream courses as well as GCSE Maths. In March 2020 the Covid – 19 Pandemic caused a lot of young people to go into lockdown. This caused a lot of stress to Young People. In September 2020 I returned to Portsmouth College and found a lot of changes to the college. 


When we returned to college there were a lot of changes  with a lot of students and staff members wearing masks and face shields. Some people who own sunflower lanyards are allowed to not wear a mask as they may have  a hidden disability, mental health condition or a physical disability. Also there was an arrow system to move around the building safely. The college was broken up into six entrances and exits from the building A – F.

Different Year Groups 

The year groups were divided into two years with Year 1s being in the first year of college and Year 2s being in their second year of college on  their 2 year courses. Some students with SEND or students who did a course at level 2 and then did level 3 are counted as 2nd years despite being in a 3rd Year and above.

Safety Measures

When entering the college you will be asked to use the hand sanitisers then once in the college, students will be asked to follow an arrow system to navigate the building. This is done by following Green and Yellow Arrows. The Green Arrows show you the way out of the college and the Yellow Arrows show you into the college and will take you to your classrooms and the yellow markers showing how to space apart when waiting for the classes to start. Another system of arrows  show you around the canteen. The arrows facing up take you to the food counter and the downward arrows take you away from the counters.

Masks or face coverings must be worn when travelling to class unless you have a sunflower lanyard. Once you have entered the classroom you are allowed to remove the mask after you have used the hand sanitisers which will be given in class or on the sides of the classroom doors.

Jargon Buster 

COVID 19 – The coronavirus pandemic

MainstreamChildren and Young People with special needs in the same class or school as children who do not have special needs:

Lockdown – staying at home to prevent the spreading of illness 

SEND – Special Educational Need or Disability 

Sunflower Lanyard – An exemption Card

Useful Links

Sunflower Lanyards           

What does Mainstream Mean?

Jargon Buster

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