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For children, young people and their families with a special educational need or disability.

The Elizabeth Foundation - provides a wide range of services and education programmes for preschool deaf children and their parents / carers

Address: The Elizabeth Foundation - provides a wide range of services and education programmes for preschool deaf children and their parents / carers, The Elizabeth Foundation, Southwick Hill Road, Cosham, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO6 3LL.

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Brief description of what services your organisation offers:
The Elizabeth Foundation offers early intervention and support for deaf children and their parents.  Services include a 1:2:1 programme for newly diagnosed babies and their family, baby and toddler programmes and pre-school nurseries.  All aspects of the programme encourage the development of speech, language and listening skills by using all of the child's senses in a natural, fun, child centred environment.  We also offer a National Home Learning and Support Programme for families unable to attend our Family Centre.
Where the service is based:
The Elizabeth Foundation has no catchment area and currently has children from many counties attending the family centre.
What the organisation provides - types of interventions and support:
  • 1:2:1 support for newly diagnosed babies and their family
  • Baby nursery for babies up to approximately 18 months
  • Toddler nursery for children approximately 18 months to 2½  years
  • Pre-school nursery for children 2½  to 4 years
  • Home Learning Programme
  • Advice, guidance and information for parents
  • Specialist Speech and Language Therapy Sessions
  • Listen Support Group for children with unilateral or chronic conductive hearing losses
  • Residential Summer Programme for pre-schoolers and their families
Eligibility Criteria:
The Elizabeth Foundation's specialist services can be accessed directly by self-referral by the parents and carers.  Children will be eligible if they have a hearing loss.  For more details please see our website at www.elizabeth-foundation.org
Quality standards and expected outcomes for children and young people and their families accessing your services:
Our aim is that children will leave The Elizabeth Foundation with good listening and understanding, and near age appropriate spoken language skills, and that the children will have happy, well supported, well informed parents who feel confident to make decisions on behalf of their child.
How can this service be accessed?
See above, Eligibility Criteria
How and who to make a complaint to:
Julie Hughes, tel no: 023 9237 2735
Contact Details:
Tel no:   023 9237 2735
Website: www.elizabeth-foundation.org

Tel: 023 9237 2735

Service Category: Health, Education, Education Service

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