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A list of Mainstream Primary Schools in Portsmouth

Address: A list of Mainstream Primary Schools in Portsmouth, Civic Offices, Guildhall Square, Portsmouth, PO1 2EA

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Ark Ayrton Primary Academy, Somers Road, Portsmouth, PO5 4LS
Ark Dickens Primary Academy, Turner Road, Portsmouth, PO1 4PN
Arundel Court PrimaryAcademy, Northam Street, Portsmouth, PO1 1JE
Beacon View Primary Academy, Allaway Avenue, Portsmouth, PO6 3PS
Copnor Primary School, Copnor Road, Portsmouth, PO3 5BZ
Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School, Gladys Avenue, Portsmouth, PO2 9AX
Cottage Grove Primary School, Chivers Close, Portsmouth, PO5 1HG
Flying Bull Primary Academy, Flying Bull Lane, Portsmouth, PO2 7BJ
Gatcombe Park Primary, St Barbara Way, Portsmouth, PO2 0UR
Highbury Primary School, Dovercourt Road, Portsmouth, PO6 2RZ
Mayfield School, Mayfield Road, Portsmouth, PO2 0RH
Medina Primary School, Medina Road, Portsmouth, PO6 3NH
Milton Park Primary School, Eastney Road, Portsmouth, PO4 8ET
Portsdown Primary School, Sundridge Close, Portsmouth, PO6 3JL
St George's Beneficial Church of England Primary School, Hanover Street, Portsmouth, PO1 3BN
St John's Cathedral Catholic Primary School, Cottage View, Portsmouth, PO1 1PX
St Jude's Church of England Primary School, St Nicholas Street, Portsmouth, PO1 2NZ
St Paul's Catholic Primary School, Bourne Road, Portsmouth, PO6 4JD
St Swithun's Catholic Primary School, Taswell Road, Portsmouth, PO5 2RG
Victory Primary School, Allaway Avenue, Portsmouth, PO6 4QP
Westover Primary School, Westover Road, Portsmouth, PO3 6NS
Inclusion Centres can be found at the following primary schools:
Flying Bull Academy - Social, Emotional, Mental Health http://www.portsmouthlocaloffer.org/local-offer-search/item/27
Milton Park Primary School - Communication and Interaction  http://www.portsmouthlocaloffer.org/local-offer-search/item/30
Portsdown Primary School -   - Communication and Interactionhttp://www.portsmouthlocaloffer.org/local-offer-search/item/34
Victory Primary School - Communication and Interaction  http://www.portsmouthlocaloffer.org/local-offer-search/item/42
Further information on School Admissions can be found at    https://www.portsmouth.gov.uk/ext/learning-and-schools/schools/school-admissions.aspx

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